Stable Steps - stability and pain relief with every stride.

Stable Step Therapeutic Insole delivers Bio Magnetic Energy to the soles of your feet which relives pain while improving your balance and blood circulations. Sounds great? - it is!

The Stable Step Insoles are a one-of-a-kind design that go further than just providing comfort. The innovative design provides immediate improvements to balance and strength while acting as preventative maintenance from falls and fatigue. With countless features and benefits, these therapeutic insoles were designed with safety and stability in mind.

The Stable Step Benefits:

*Absorbs harmful impact

The insoles are engineered with a specially formulated, safe, non-toxin, high-density fluid called Hydraulic Memory Fluid which is excellent for high-pressure resistance. This fluid flows and moves with the shape of your foot absorbing and reducing harmful impact on the feet, joints, knees, neck and back.

*Improves Foot Alignment

The H.M.F., Hydraulic Memory Fluid, in the insoles creates a support that improves the elasticity to the arches which enable the body to align properly and redistribute body weight and pressure onto the feet evenly reducing friction between bones.

**Magnetic Energy

The specifically placed heavy gauss magnets provide numerous benefits including enhancing and maintaining better organ function, improved blood circulations, relieves pain, and improves muscle strength. Studies show falls are one of the leading causes of accidental death and over 50% of these falls occur in the elderly. Older adults who encounter injuries from falls could see affects to their quality of life increasing the financial and physical burden on loved ones and care givers. While there are many causes of falls, muscle strength and endurance play a pivotal role and research has shown that shoes with fixation are associated with reduction of fall incidents. Stable Step Therapeutic Insoles provide the stability in every step to prevent falls.

*Cushion and Comfort

The H.M.F. . creates a super cousin for the heel and metatarsal when standing and walking creating an additional padding to your bodies natural foot padding that may decrease with age.. Pain relief from heel spurs, atone bruises, plantar fasciitis, and more can be found from the comfort of these insoles. Massaging action from the fluids movement in each step contribute to the soothing of tires, tender, achy feet.

*Noticeable Fatigue Reduction

After long hours of working and being on our feet we usually experience an enormous amount of fatigue. With Stable Step insole the feeling of fatigue will be substantially reduced especially in the lower back.

Who can we thank for this amazing innovation?

Creator Robert TSE, member of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy, designed the Stable Steps insoles as a solution to a problem. His aging mother had unexpectedly, and unexplainably, began to experience random and accidental falls. These falls are common in the elderly, and unfortunately can do a lot of damage. Robert wanted to be certain his mother could continue her quality of life and sought to put an end to these falls. With a vast knowledge of Magnetic Therapy, and innovative mind, a desire to benefit others, and the cheering support from his caring wife, Robert designed stabilizing magnetic insoles for his mother - now available world wide. As an avid Stable Step wearer, Roberts mother has not had one fall since the use of the insoles.

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